Severe Loss EP

by Narrow Minded

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released March 19, 2016

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Yacob Bergin at Main St Studios in Walla Walla, Washington



all rights reserved


Narrow Minded Walla Walla, Washington

Four Piece Crustened Rage

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Track Name: Prejudice
Guide the blind
Onto my own path

Cast out prejudice

Searching for answers
Realize I don't care
Controlling my hatred
Towards your fucked up ways
Not another second of the shit you spill
This time i won't sit back and watch the weak you kill

Lash out to the hand that feeds
Reborn, To displace the King

I'll crucify all you've rectified man

I'll tear down all the lies that have been written
Track Name: Beat The Bounds
Leveled out
Beat the Bounds

The reapers always in arms reach
Dealing the deck only to harm me
It's pointless to find the time
or who the fuck's to blame
Nothing will change
The past is the past
It is what it is
I'm walking away
This is my chance to let you know
We die cold and alone

Between the sheets
Escape misery
Slip away to a better place

It's the weight of the world
That's coming down on me
I've felt the weight of this world

I'll survive all of these misfortunes
I need nothing

I have leveled out my life
Existence means nothing
Level out life
Track Name: Severe Loss
"If we're right and nothing happens after death,
Death therefore is not the problem. Life is the problem.
The problem is that without God and an eternal existence after death
Life appears to be an emergency. It's a long emergency for many of us but it's still an emergency"

I've felt the burden of life
and survived some dark times
I've killed myself in my mind
Most days there is no light

Why can't I seem to find
Comfort in the divine
When everyone I love
Just fucking dies

Why can't I seem to find a safer place locked inside my mind
No sense searching for hope
Faced that reality long ago
My heart's become so cold
Without you I'm so alone
Broken and shackled in Hell
Anxiety in a hollow shell

Sometimes I fight this distress

Holy kiss of death
One day I'll be blessed

Too many times I've lied
and told all of you that I'm alright
I've found comfort in time
Knowing that I'm dying inside
Searching for a guiding light
Let go of hope
Accept Demise
Faced the reality long ago
You get what you get and you reap what you sow

I feel this loss
Inside my mind

God, these are dark times

I feel this loss
I've been so broken
Track Name: Wasted Space
I'm so fucking fed up with this noose around my neck
Everyday i'm slipping and I can't gain slack
Cut me wide open and weigh me down
I'm either going to wake up
or I'm going to fucking drown

Wasted Space
I'm distant
Write me off
Track Name: Desolate Life
Silence your broken eye

Life's just make up
Your put on your face
To make you believe this isn't fake
That this is "real"
That this is "it"
You live, you die
and life is just a bitch

You just don't fucking get it
Simplistic brainwashed peasant

I loathe in the fact
that there's no fucking hope

Open your eyes
Now is the time to realize
That you're not who you sought to be
There's a different kind
A state of mind
That doesn't involve self pity

Selfish excuse
Wasted flesh

Distance beneath the surface
Reveals true character
Track marks down the spine of an enermy
Shows a dark and manipulated path

Lack of life
Strive with lies
Coming around this time

Your God has abandoned your
Track Name: Struck out
Set me free

I'll always fade away
and look to the noose
No one that I love
Can break this fall

Fuck this, lonely
I've been living exactly as I said I wouldn't

Struck Out

I'll never look up toward the light
or walk on the path of the righteous
I'll never be "alright"

This is goodbye
I can't breathe, end this pain
Tie the noose, end this life

Struck out and at the end of the rope
There's no sign of hope

Now I'm alone in death grip